A Happy Family
Be somebody
Dreams dont work unless
Everyday may not be
Happiness is f
Not all those who wander
Our greatest weakness
outside the box
People who are crazy
PLan A etc
Stop wishingStart doing
Strive for progres perfection
that why pencils
The best view
There are so many
think like a proton
to MumTO Dad
Walk a day in my shoes
You are much
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a fool has to say something
A goal without Plan is Wish
awesome ends in me
Be  A Hero
Be the person youd like to meet
Dont Be a Sad Worrier.jpeg
Dream it Believe it.docx
FEAR false Evidence appearing real
Logic Imagination
mistakes are proof you r trying
Peace is not everything
practice makes progress
practise till you cant get it wrong
watch your words
you make ur future
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Gleaned and stolen from sources.............