Student Area


Last September, we started working on the school musical for 2018.  Claire Mulligan had re-written the script of Annie to fit into an hour-long performance.  Ms. Glynn and Ms. Leahy worked with Claire to develop this script into our production.  We had a meeting on the 8th September with the Sixth Class students to specialise in directing, choreography or music.  We then held auditions for all interested pupils from Fourth Class to choose the main actors.  We were delighted with the turn out.  However, it made our jobs of choosing just six people very difficult!  The main parts went to:

Annie – Rachel Brennan

Ms. Hannigan – Saoirse Brine

Grace – Mary Fanning

Mr. Warbucks – Conor Majury

Rooster – Kian Doyle

Lily – Orla Mulligan

The actors were given scripts and asked to learn their lines over the Hallowe’en break.  Blanka Maya, our very talented pianist in Sixth Class, offered to accompany three songs in the musical.  She even organised after school practices with Rachel (Annie)!

In November, we started rehearsals at lunchtimes in the music room.  We are very grateful for everyone’s cooperation during these rehearsals.  In late January, our choreographers (Ella Butler, Lucy Cunningham, Indigo Doolin, Tallulah Doolin, Aoife Higgins, Aoibheann O’Mahony, Sian Gavin, Louise Foley and Claire Varwijk) began to teach the dances to our fantastic Fourth Class dancers!  They picked up the dances very quickly and worked together to time them with the music.  Our dancers are Mia Byrne, Rosalyn Concannon, Laeticia Dhautul, Holly Jordan, Shauna Knowles, Sophie Lawlor, Olive Rossney and Amber Querney.

We needed extras for some scenes on the streets of New York and in the orphanage.  We want to thank Dramarama afterschool club for helping us with this!  All the cast and backstage helpers even stayed late in school a few evenings for longer practices.  We want to thank all the cast and their parents for doing this.

We would like to say a special thank you to Mr. Kelleher, Mick Behan and Mrs. Noeleen Leahy for their fantastic work in making stage curtains.  We are delighted with the finished product and can’t wait to show all that come to our performances!

Tickets are on sale now to guarantee entry for €2.  They can also be purchased on the night.  We decided to show our hard work to the school community for three nights this year.  These are Tuesday 1st May, Wednesday 2nd May and Thursday 3rd May.  Each show starts at 7pm.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

By Claire Mulligan and Ms. Glynn