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ACTION DAY!!  13th March 2018 


Added Friday 9th March 2018

Next Tuesday will be the Green schools Action day. We will start the day by walking to the church. On Tuesday, everybody is encouraged to dress up based on the theme of Biodiversity. For example, you could dress up as a plant or animal (a bee, a butterfly, a frog or a flower). In the afternoon, there will be a catwalk in the hall to model the costumes. There will also be prizes for the best costumes in the Junior and Senior end of the school. If you do not have a costume, please wear the colour green on Tuesday. Thanks for helping and getting involved.

 Green School's Committee




Added 15th November 2017

We want to say a huge thanks to all the teachers who helped out with the Zombie Walk before the break and well done to all the students who dressed up and completed the walk, especially those who made their own costumes for our competition. Our judges Paddy and John were very impressed and had a hard time choosing the winners. Congratulations to the senior winner, Rosalyn in Ms, Moynihan’s 4th class! Also, thanks so much to Mr. Bourke’s 3rd class for designing the beautiful and colourful Zombie Walk posters, that were on display all around the school.


This week 13th - 17th November 2017 we are focusing on Conserving Water and preventing waste. There is lots of information about Water on our Green Schools board at the school entrance.

Each class should have a Water Warrior. Water Waters will check the taps in their classes to make sure they are turned off and not leaking.


Water is very important to keep us alive and healthy. We need it to keep us cool, to rehydrate after sports, for cleaning our clothes and dishes, for washing ourselves and to help plants grow. Some animals also live in the water so we need to be careful to protect their homes from pollution too.


We can conserve water in school by only pushing the tap once when washing our hands and only using the small button for flushing the toilet as much as possible. We can bring in refillable water bottles for drinking throughout the day, maybe even two if we get very thirsty! Putting a plug in the sink prevents water waste when we are washing our paintbrushes at art time too.


At home we could turn off the tap when we are finished washing our hands or brushing our teeth, fill up the dishwasher before we turn it on and have a shower instead of a bath.



We will be bringing back The Score on the Door to promote using green transport to get to school. Each class will have a sheet to fill in every day with their transport scores and the class who uses the most green forms of transport each month will receive an award at Assembly time. The first award will be given at next month’s assembly. Best of luck to all the classes!

September 2017

Over the past year the Green School Committee has been tirelessly working to achieve our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity. This year we will be continuing with this process. Since September we have elected our new Green Schools Committee and have been revisiting our goals from our previous four flags. (We already have the Waste, Energy, Transport and Water flags under our belts!)


As Halloween is just around the corner, we have a special surprise planned for the children of our school!  A Zombie Walk will be held on Friday morning (27th October) weather permitting. We will start from the car park of St. Brigid’s Church and proceed to the school grounds, to get us back into the habit of walking to school and leaving the cars at home. The children are encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes for the event too.

As an added bonus, any child who creates their own homemade costume out of recycled materials will be entered into a competition to win an extra special prize for all their hard work!

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The parents and children will meet in the church car park and at 8:40 am sharp the Zombie Walk will then proceed to the school grounds. All children from Junior Infants upwards must be accompanied and supervised by their parents or guardians on this walk.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Have a happy, fun and safe Zombie Walk and Halloween Break!



The Green School Committee