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Hi. I’m Fiona Montague from Health & Nutrition and am delighted to be the Nutritionist for Scoil Bhride.

Together with the school, we would like to help promote not just healthy eating and lunchbox ideas but share valuable tips on how to prevent ill health, while boosting our children’s energy, stabilising their moods and sharpen their concentration, during some of the most important years of their lives.

Each month we will add a new newsletter filled with nutrition tips and recipes.  Easy to make meals and snacks the whole family will love and can be incorporated into our diets easily.  My aim is to show you how small changes to your diet can have dramatic effects to your life and that of your children.     







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Poated 01/06/2017

ü  Sleep Deprivation – The Real Price We Pay

ü  Understanding Fibromyalgia

ü  Oats – Why Are They Good For Us?

ü  Red Lentil Pizza

ü  What is healthy eating                                    Wishing you the best of health

Posted 05052017

Hi there

I created a video blog introduction recently which I would love to share with you all. 

Apart from putting a face to Health & Nutrition, I wanted to remind anyone suffering with pain, discomfort, digestive problems or self esteem issues, just how far I have come.  

Thankfully I never gave up hope and turned my despondency into passion with a career I love. The transformation I see in clients over the years is incredible and most only come for one or two visits.

You don't have to be suffering with chronic pain or fibromyalgia to give me a call. I have clients from the age of 4 up to 70 and have helped them with eczemapsoriasisenergy issuesweight problemsheartburninfertilitydepressionIBSself esteem and more.

I would love to be able to help you too.

Please feel free to give me a call on 086 601 6701 for a chat or to book an appointment and don't forget I am in SuperValu Clane between 10am & 1pm every Thursday to offer free nutrition advice.

I look forward to chatting to you soon.

Wishing you the best of health


posted 170317

Happy St Patrick's Day from Fiona

Hi everyone
It's been a while sorry!!  So tomorrow is St Patrick's Day where the whole world turns green! We grab anything green from the wardrobe, paint shamrocks on our faces (pretending it's just for the kids) and drink anything green for the day. But how about eating green?
I've put together a list of healthy and tasty green foods that are great for adults and children. We all know the kids will be given loads of sweets and lollies wherever they go tomorrow, so how about a few nuts to keep them, well let's be honest, a little less hyper!
Starting the day with a green smoothie would be fun and finishing it with pizza is even better! The great thing is, this pizza is healthy and made in literally minutes!  Handy if you've been out all day.
So why not explore your greens this St Patrick's Day with these green nutritious and delicious foods.
Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!

·       Preparing For Winter – Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Posted 18th Jan 2017

January is synonymous with weight loss but I want to show how small changes to your lifestyle can change more than your clothes size

                                           ·    Nutrition – It’s NOT just about weight loss 


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Happy New Year!


Unfortunately January has become synonymous with crazy, unsustainable, boring, fad diets but how about setting alternative goals this year? Goals to become a better you? A happier you?  A more energetic you? A more grateful you? And OK a slimmer you if you overdid it at Christmas!
Realistic Goal Setting
Whatever your goals are this New Year, ensure they are realistic ones! These are simple, yet effective tips for achieving your goals this year.
Do you look on food as just a means of weight gain or weight loss?
Learn how to focus on what's really important like
your internal health, cholesterol, inflammation levels, energy & moods
Sleep is essential to our health and well being yet it is often overlooked.
Are you getting the recommended 7-9 hours sleep a night? Learn how simple changes can help  you get a good night's sleep.
Whether you are looking to make healthier choices or looking for new ideas, you'll find lots of delicious, nutritious and simple recipes here. 
Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Learn how to fend off colds and flu's this year by boosting your immune system naturally with Vitamin C.

Services Available…