Healthy Eating (Lunch)  Policy

(from Page 5 of Scoil Bhríde's Code of Good Behaviour)


Each child should be provided with a healthy lunch. This may include cheese, a sandwich, fruit, vegetables or yoghurt. (please be aware of the dangers of yoghurt not stored in chilled containers)

Pupils may have water to drink during the day. Other juices or milk may be consumed at break times only with 

food in line with best practice. The following are not allowed:

crisps, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, bars, “breakfast bars”, biscuits, lollipops, chocolate and other “junk” foods.

Pupils are expected to bring their uneaten lunch home to alert parents to their eating habits. Inappropriate foods 

will be taken from pupils and returned at the end of the day. Chewing gum is expressly forbidden on school property and on school activities. Nuts are not allowed in  some classes due to analphylaxis.

A "LunchBoxZone‟ is to be encouraged whereby pupils bring in food in a reusable lunchbox and bring leftovers 

and packaging home. Yoghurts may be eaten but please ensure that the child is able to store, open and consume 

yoghurt carefully and properly.

Please see below for more information.


Guide to the food pyramid

Click here for Fruit n Veg Ideas for Lunches with Thanks to  Ms. Shanaghy and FOOD DUDES.

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