Some parents’ ideas:-


q       Give lots of praise for the good things your child achieves.

q       Give lots of hugs and cuddles and tell your children how much you  

      love them.

q       Expect and allow your child to make mistakes – this is part of growing up – don’t make a ‘big thing’ about it.

q       Accept that your child has a right to his/her own opinions even if they are different from your own.

q       Teach your child responsibility by allowing him/her to do useful jobs.

q       Allow your child freedom of choice in selected areas – i.e.  clothes, spending pocket money.

q       Ensure that punishments are fair and relevant.

q       Be consistent – set secure boundaries for acceptable behaviour and make sure that your child knows the consequences of overstepping these boundaries.

q       Don’t be prejudiced about your child’s behaviour – allow room for him/her to change, learn to show trust.

q       Spend time with your child and show him/her that you are really interested in what he/she is doing both at school and socially.

q       Don’t dismiss your child’s worries as trivial or stupid, they are very real to him/her.

q       Try to understand your child’s world at their level.  It is very easy to forget as an adult what is important, relevant, or worrying for a child.