Parents' Association

School car park rules


1.      The car park is ONE WAY ONLY at all times during the day


3.      There is NO DROP OFF IN THE CAR PARK– you must park first and then let your children out

4.      Disabled spaces are to be used by PERMIT HOLDERS only

5.      You must DRIVE AROUND THE ROUNDABOUT & not cut across it to get to the car park

6.      You must REVERSE into the car spots.

7.      You cannot use the teachers car park


8.      There is NO RIGHT TURN UPON EXITING  the school


Situations continue to arise and some people misunderstand the rules pertaining 

parking. There are no double yellow lines outside the school because there is no 

parking because of the other road markings


Other parking restrictions……….It is illegal to park in a way which interferes 

with traffic flow or obstructs or endangers other road users, for example:No 

parking opposite a continuous white line. 

No parking on a footpath (either partly or wholly). 

No parking within 5 metres of a junction. 

No parking at a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights, within 15 metres on the 

approach side or 5 metres on the other side. 

Do not obstruct any entrance for vehicles except with the occupier’s consent. 

No parking at a school entrance. 


No parking on a grass margin or median.



The Disabled Parking Permit Card is issued with terms and conditions attached, they are as follows: 

The Parking Permit is for the sole use of the driver / passenger it has been issued to. The Parking Permit 


is only to be used in a vehicle in which the Parking Permit holder is either the driver or the passenger.